Welcome to DIY Pet Grooms

We provide everything you need groom your dog, including tips and tricks from the professionals! Your source for a hands-on experience showing you the step-by-step process for grooming your pet; OR leave it up to us with our full-service grooming appointments! Located in Westerville, Ohio.

We also provide breed-specific grooming videos. The videos are simple, and easy-to-follow, with outstanding HD quality. We also have a collection of free basic tutorial videos to get you started, right here at DIYPETGROOMS.com.

For Store support call (614) 468-1243, or email diypetgrooms@gmail.com!

Dog Washing

Self-serve dog wash is available with no appointment needed,—walk-ins are welcome. Pay per bath or join our monthly membership program for FREE nail trims and unlimited self-serve bathing! All baths include use of all brushes, combs, de-shedding tools, a variety of shampoos and conditioner, two different types of dryers, conditioner sprays and colognes. More information…